Meditation, Mudras and Herbal Teas ~ In Person Class in Takoma Park.
Dive into the world of guided meditation along with hand mudras, gestures that promote healing, psychological balance and spiritual awakening. Paired with teachings on herbs as physical and mental healing aids. Beth is a certified Herbalist, Yoga Teacher, and lover of all plants and our own bodies have to offer us to live more peaceful, abundant lives. Herbal teas provided at each class!
Online Offerings of Yoga & Meditation
Personalized yoga classes to meet your specific needs and desires for your practice. Having one-on-one classes helps make your practice one that will nourish and heal you specifically and provide you with opportunities of insight, growth and the deepening of your wisdom center. I would love to talk more about why private yoga classes are my passion to teach, so please, reach out!
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Many of my creative projects are done with my husband, Vinny Mwano. Check out the second installment of our art-packed magazine "V & B Mwano: Sparrows Adventure"
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