A Poem For Vinny

There's a song inside of me.
Do you hear it?
Sometimes I lose it myself,
Like the sun, hidden behind the clouds, I know of its existence,
but I can't feel it,
press play and stream it,
through my toes, to my eyes,
so the eyes sing from what's within,
a song of the soul.
When you look at me, do you see music?

Do you see a score, so beautifully written, the angels wept with joy
at its presentation?
My first cry was the beginning of my song
and every cry since then.
The Song is complex,
deep-rooted in notes my Creator only
knows how to produce.
Because of my oneness with Creator,
do you see the likeness of One
who shines like the morning stars
in me?

When you see my form, do you see a crafted, cared-for body,
designed to dance and unite with the lover of my mind, body, and soul?
When you gaze absently at my face as we speak, do you
sense a power, a resonance,
of the grace of the ages, the grace that saved us--
for from my mouth,
fire and water both come.

When you hear me, do you listen?
Do you listen for the mind of Christ, the heart of lion & lamb,
the spirit of a daughter of Yahweh? Do you hear the
that is me.
The constant waves,
the breakers of wonder and inspiration?

Do you know you are a part of all of this?
All of me?
Do you listen for the love I carry for you?
The love that is part of the stream,
this stream of music I am still composing,
still learning--
both student and teacher,
I create a song with an experienced author,
Holy Spirit, inside me,
& with my human beloved, with my husband.

We are co-creators in this song of mine.
Do you know it?
Does our song make you dance?
Because I am dancing every day.
I cannot stay still.
I must seize my days and let the music play
and move me.
will you join me,
in our dance?

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