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Is Soy Healthy?
Remember: This is a controversial topic and this is only one person's view. But I think she has some important facts we need to pay attention to.
Be a food investigator!
Food Babe is a great resource to keep informed on food justice in America and just what is actually in the food you're consuming that companies aren't telling you about!
Coconut Milk Nutrition:
Dr. Axe + recipes
School in NYC is all Vegitarian
"The school of nearly 400 students, from pre-kindergarten to third grade, was founded five years ago on the principle that a healthy lifestyle leads to strong academic achievement.
"We decided on a vision where health and nutrition would be a part of educating the whole child," school principal Bob Groff said. "

"While the federal government recommends that people fill half their plates with fruits and vegetables to help prevent obesity, only a small fraction of its subsidies actually support the production of fresh produce. The vast majority of agricultural subsidies go instead to commodity crops that are processed into many of the foods that are linked to the obesity crisis."
Food Inequality is a real thing
"As we've reported, the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that about about 50 million Americans fall into this category of "food insecure" — meaning they don't always have the resources to buy the food they need. This includes nearly 17 million children in the U.S.

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