Abundant-- adjective; existing or available in large quantities; plentiful.
synonyms: plentiful, copious, ample, profuse, rich, lavish, abounding, liberal, generous, bountiful,large, huge, great, bumper, overflowing, prolific, teeming
Teeming.... I think of the ocean, creatures traveling through the layers of color, light, darkness, crowds of life and depths still not reached--teeming with life.

Generous....I'm imagining when I gave myself the treat of hemp ice cream, sat and listened to the street musician and watched as people gave more than pocket change to this entertainer. Enjoying both this generosity to myself, and of the people around me.

Bountiful....I imagine a harvest, a huge harvest! Of wheat? Sure. Or fruit, plenty, plenty of fruit, copious amounts of vegetables--The bounty of work and time and love.

Overflowing....I'm smiling as I picture joyful beings, humans happy with themselves, with their state of emotions, with their healthy body, with their peaceful, creative mind, with their content spirit. The overflow of work, time, love, patience, generosity, and the journey of life.

Abundantly being doesn't mean everything is perfect, perfection lacks the beauty and triumph of the courage it takes to meet challenges. Abundantly being, rather, is being complete in the present moment. An abundant being is aware of the imperfections and challenges yet to face, but looks at herself/himself with a compassionate and hopeful view. Abundance means taking your whole story into account, who you are on the inside and outside, who you are meant to be, who you are becoming, and having a perspective of gratitude and strength to endure and triumph. We weren't meant to live as lackluster, hurting humans, but as complete, whole, healthy beings!

I passionately believe in abundantly "being"-- being successful in whatever step you're on in your journey of wholeness, whether that is in regards to a relationship, work, home environment, symptomatic health problems, physical activity, whole eating, and all else in-between! My goal is to help others discover and access their full potential as holistically healthy humans. YOU are the best version of yourself. Only YOU can be fully, abundantly YOU. Take a helping hand and let's jump into what is means for you to be your most abundant self. Abundantly being as a whole abundant being.