Meditation, Mudras and Tea

Part class, part experience, dive into the world of guided meditation along with hand mudras, gestures that promote healing, psychological balance and spiritual awakening. The Sanskrit word "Mudra" can be translated as "gesture," "seal," attitude" or "signature" and the use of mudras have been used in almost all wisdom traditions throughout the world and notably in yoga. Option to pair your meditation practice with a cup of tea (specific teas will be offered to try but it's o.k. to go with your own)-with teachings on that particular flower/herb as both a physical and mental healing aid, as well as how to use this calming time with tea to encourage your meditative/stress-decreasing experience.

The book "Mudras for Healing and Transformation" by Jospeh and Lilian Le Page will be a guide (no need to purchase book). Each class will explore a mudra, its meaning and benefits, an optional mantra (words to repeat to aid in concentration) that goes with the mudra and then have a guided meditation time utilizing this hand gesture. Participants are invited to make themselves comfortable and only do what is supportive for them personally. Each week, participants will know beforehand what herbal tea is being offered to pair with their meditative experience and a brief teaching will be given on the herb and its benefits from both a scientific and traditional background.

Beth Brooks-Mwano has guided meditations, along with tea education at House of Steep in Arlington, VA and from her home in her personal practice as a Mindful Movement Guide and Yoga Teacher. Beth loves to pair the power of mind and body working together to create wholeness and abundance that speaks to each individual wherever they're coming from.

Requirements: Nothing is required but a quiet space for you to practice. Option to follow the weekly tea/herb list and obtain the 8 teas and have hot water and a cup available. Though the practice of the hand mudras is optional, it is an essential part of this particular meditative practice. If there are differently abled individuals, pain or discomfort there's always options to adapt!

Tea/Herb List (Not in order):
Red Raspberry Leaf
Green Tea
Lemon Balm
Holy Basil