Beth & Vinny
My husband, Vinny Mwano, and I together make a creative partnership and a creative marketing team. We travel and tell stories, connecting brands to their customers, supporting various brand's philanthropic vision, and giving voices to people experiencing brands as a healthy lifestyle.
We also carry out our own projects that engage with communities and individuals. Our purpose in these projects can be any and all of the following: social justice, humanitarian aid, education, artistic expression, help organizations implement goals, joyful creation, help heal, foster cultural exchange, initiate dialogue, promote, protest, give love, tell stories, do what makes us come alive
Creative Partners Working to Connect Companies to Their Customers and Create Greater Vision Within a Company's Message and Mission
As artists, we are inspired by everything around us! In downtown Los Angeles at the Urban Lights, we found our inspiration to dance in, happy tourists, the contrast of the dark night and bright lights, the "stage" already set for us, each other, the current of movement inside of us, and of course, the music of Maggie Rogers.
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