By: Beth B.
How Does a Perspective of Holistic Health Contribute to Marketing Lifestyle Brands?
When people think of "health" they may quickly put it into a category that includes "Dr's visits, medicine, eating salads, exercise, gym, etc." But why have a Dr's visit, why actually care about eating green leaves? People want to be healthy because they want to live well, and they want that "well-being" to be relatively effortless, aka fit into their lifestyle. As a holistic health coach, I view health in a way that is beyond just "fitting into a lifestyle," being healthy actually becomes its own lifestyle. The harmony happens when choices are made that positively affect a person's life beyond what they first perceived was possible. A very real example is from my own life. When I started eliminating excess, harmful, fake sugars from my diet, my whole body responded positively, I was able to have more brain energy to create the dance choreographies I had dreamed of, something of major importance to me. My previous lifestyle pattern of struggling to move without getting tired quickly, and having less clarity on movements was altered positively, and a new, freer lifestyle developed.

Health is everything when we look at it holistically. A brand promoting a healthy lifestyle relationship with their product communicates to their customers that with their product, there is an ease of "being," a healthy LIFE within your "style" choice, or certain product choice. For example, emphasizing wearing clothes that reflect your personality, and are ethically made, can benefit you by causing more satisfaction with your purchasing choices, less stress about what you look like when you go out, and boost your confidence that you can make a difference in the world. When we're talking mental health, stress is a huge health indicator, as is low self-esteem, and your perception of whether you're giving meaning to the world can affect your mood and motivation. So lifestyle branding and health are actually very much related. If lifestyle is the way we live, then "healthy living" has its place in lifestyle branding. It's just a matter of how companies choose to promote their product in a way that guarantees a healthy lifestyle choice.

Just as health is a personal subject, so is your mobile phone choice. This means, in a most basic type of way, you have a relationship with yourself (or your body) and you have a relationship with the products you use with more consistency. This relationship can be good or bad, but who is looking for a negative product-customer relationship? No one! Both product choices and health choices help to create an environment that makes you comfortable--or challenges you, or helps you thrive--whatever your primary wants and needs are. That is where the holistic perspective gains ground in marketing. Choosing brands that support your overall well-being is a health choice. Everyone wants to be healthy, and brands can market their products towards this universal human desire and need, maybe not in measurements like "how much weight did I lose," but definitely in measurements of "do I feel supported, do I feel happy, am I comfortable, is this helping me at work, does this bring better knowledge in order for me to succeed, etc."
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