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Mind, Body, Spirit, Movement
Mindful Movement, Yoga, Dance
We have amazing healing potential in being mobile humans. I take people through a mind & body experience that brings awareness and new insights into the wonderful world of the body. Soma is a living process by which our bodily sensations, movements, perceptions, emotions and thoughts form a whole of experience. My desire is for people to have a "lived body" experience by observing and exploring themselves through sensing, moving, and music. Having healthy body images that are linked with healthy mindsets and understanding our individual spiritual nature releases our minds and emotions and empowers. Certified Yoga Teacher through Kripalu Yoga.

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Holistic Guidance as an Aspiring Herbalist
As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and current student of herbalism with a B.S. in Creative Arts Therapy and Holistic Health my view when working with people encompasses primary foods: relationships, exercise, work, and spirituality, as well as secondary food: everything you put into your body, i.e. nutrition. Nature is intimately connected with humans--we are not separate, but live in reciprocity. I would love to help you learn how plants can be your personal allies!

(I am currently in the Sky House Yoga Herbal Apprenticeship School in Maryland to be a Clinical Herbalist)
Mindful Movement
This is my mindful movement...
Feeling Electric
As I listened to MGMT's "Electric Feel" a feeling of strength, sensuality and freedom came to me. I love the music in that track and I imagined myself dancing in a rainforest. One of my favorite places in D.C. is the Botanical Gardens. Suddenly, it came to me, "I need to dance to this in the Botanical Gardens." So, I did. I just turned on my phone and felt what was inside me. The plants supported my feeling of connectedness to mother earth and my power as a women. I felt a joy, a simplicity of being that was good for my overworked mind. I felt electric, and this was healing. May you move mindfully, knowing you are an electric being, bringing and receiving light from the world.
Holistic Health
Herbal Medicine, a Holistic Life
In the book, "The Blue Zones, 9 Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who've Lived the Longest" by Dan Buettner, Buettner and his group travel to find the healthiest, longest-living groups of humans. As Dan's group observes the practices of the centenarians of Okinawa, they see these healthy, older people commonly use and grow turmeric. Says one of the scientists in the expedition to un-lock the secrets of longevity, "Turmeric is one-fifth as powerful as cisplatin, which is one of the most powerful drugs in chemotherapy." Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticancer!
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Personalized practice for deepening mind, body, breath
Online Offerings of Yoga & Meditation
In this time of social distancing, due to the Corona Virus, I am offering online yoga & meditation content. Look for videos being posted for various types of classes with different focuses. I also am available for personalized yoga classes to meet your specific needs and desires for your practice. Having one-on-one classes helps make your practice one that will nourish and heal you specifically and provide you with opportunities of insight, growth and the deepening of your wisdom center in ways that are hard to meet in group settings. I would love to talk more about why private yoga classes are my passion to teach, so please, reach out!
Creative Collaborator
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Many of my creative projects are done with my husband, Vinny Mwano. Check out the second installment of our art-packed magazine "V & B Mwano: Sparrows Adventure"
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Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You. -Dr. Suess
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