Mindful movement
Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. ~ Howard Thurman
Feeling Electric
Sep. 2018 ~ As I listened to MGMT's "Electric Feel" a feeling of strength, sensuality and freedom came to me. I love the music in that track and I imagined myself dancing in a rainforest. One of my favorite places in D.C. is the Botanical Gardens. Suddenly, it came to me, "I need to dance to this in the Botanical Gardens." So, I did. I just turned on my phone and felt what was inside me. The plants supported my feeling of connectedness to mother earth and my power as a women. I felt a joy, a simplicity of being that was good for my overworked mind. I felt electric, and this was healing. May you move mindfully, knowing you are an electric being, bringing and receiving light from the world.
Mindfully Moving Through the Stretch
4/20/18~Taking my stretching to new places of exploration of music. When I did ballet my teacher would tell us to dance the stretches, really feel the movements in my body and allow myself to react to the music and not just think of the time as preparation for "real movement." I now do this during all of my different forms of stretching, just moving and exploring what dance comes from me amidst the music. Today I was exploring "searching" or "striving" in my movements.
On This Anniversary of Dr. King's Assasination
4/4/18 On this anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, I decided to try and embody his words, as my soul has been feeling sorrowful and full of longing since I woke up, knowing what today is. I've been meditating on his speeches and this clip from his last speech was the one I knew I needed to move with. MLK has always been a hero to me, since I was a little girl. I found myself in the girl's letter to MLK that he speaks of, and I allowed myself to be her as I listened to Dr. King. I was really moved at the end, sorry for the long emotional shot, It was too much work to edit it out. May all the longing of this world bring us to belonging on the earth and with one another, I long for the day when the depressed and downtrodden overcome. I will try to be as Dr. King describes, "Let us develop a kind of dangerous unselfishness." Amen.
Movement-Based Healing
We go throughout our day feeling, moving, breathing, and thinking. But often these things are separated within us and we carry tension and stress in our bodies. We don't take time to mentally process the day, or physically care for our tired bodies. This has been the reality in my own life, and now the work that I do is focused on movement and how to bring an awareness of our whole self to our self. I try to intentionally move every day and incorporate movement and music into my meditation practice. Because I am healing from Lyme Disease I have to be very intentional to target healing my muscles and nerves. So, I bring sequencing work into my movement. I move my bones and muscle groups in alignment and in balance of both sides of my body, sending signals to my brain of how my body is supposed to function.

The pattern brings calm to my mind and helps bring me into a flow where my body feels stronger and calmer and I'm able to take in the music and pleasure of moving intentionally. I come from this practice empowered and more able-bodied and able-minded to create, work, and interact with other people. Often, after I do my mindful movement practice I will create a simple choreography that also incorporates sequencing. This is exercise for me that is fun and freeing, and also gives me insights into what to create for clients and dance students. Below is a sample of my practice (concentration on upper body, arms and hands—we often forget about our hands!) and then my choreography work after a bit of that practice. Here also is a great article about the power of movement/exercise to heal! (http://www.marksdailyapple.com/embodiment-in-emotional-health-is-mindful-movement-a-primal-key/)
"Stepping Out From the Wall" Part 1
A look at what mindfully moving is for me ~ VIDEO BELOW DESCRIPTION
When I don't give myself the time to evoke through movement, I tend to grow restless and anxious. The day I moved to this song I was feeling "boxed in," stuck in some fear places inside of me: fear that my dreams wouldn't be realized in this lifetime, fear that my partner in life, my husband, wouldn't understand some of my depth-of-emotionally led movements, fear I wasn't being true to myself, etc., etc. So, I decided a free dance session was in order. I prayed for songs that would speak to my heart and mind in the present state that I was in, and I was led in my thoughts to "Friends" by Francis and the Lights. The idea of opening myself up to my husband completely and friends yet-to-be-made through all my creative en-devours scares me, but also is what my heart longs for and where a deep joy does come from. I know the reward of vulnerability, yet will still withdrawal into old "hiding" habits. To tell my "truths," to share the lessons my heart has learned, the wisdom gained from letting go and being loved--this is what stepping out from the wall meant this day. When I started my movement, my body drew itself to the wall and placed my head against it. I felt protected like this, hidden. Hiding is not an un-common state for me. I drew my thoughts towards the wall, protecting my mind from the world. But my body drew me out, knowing my heart to share, teach, inspire, and give so much, give so much unto healing, is where I would end up. This is really just me moving through my feelings, it is raw, real, and not choreographed. I found it weary outside the touch of the wall at first, and was drawn back during my meditative moving, but as I was determined to "step out" so was my body, and I took myself to my place of freedom for the day--beyond the wall. The work I do with clients in healing is manifested much in the same way, and if I desire to lead others into abundance, I must allow myself to take the journey.This is part of my journey of this day of vulnerability and healing. May you be encouraged to "step out," in whatever way that is needed for you.
Song and movement collaboration
"Healer": Prayer, Declaration, Expression, Worship

By: Kadesh (Dancer & Director) & Beth (Voice & Piano)
This was maybe three years ago? Kadesh approached me after I led a prayer set on piano one day. She said my voice and the song I had sung, "healer," touched her and inspired her to re-do a project she had been working on. She wanted to do her dance to this song, with me singing. I was honored. She was in a spiritually- focused, creative movement school and she was so beautiful and authentic in her worship of Yahweh, I was delighted to sing to inspire her movements. The song healer has been a deep prayer of my heart, mind and body every time I sing it, and I was touched that this woman could tell my singing came from a well of hope and faith within me. The day she danced, we inspired each other. It was truly a faith collaboration, where each artist and soul met each other. Kadesh moved with healing in her "wings," because she trusts her Divine Creator, the One who is Love, who hovers over us as a mother hen, protecting, giving air to lift our wings to the heavens and fly. I hope this song and movement blesses you to move with healing in your wings.
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