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Strong and flexible feet, ankles, and calves provide our base for stable movement, and are essential for performing our daily activities without pain or strain.
My Workshop, "Find Your Footing," opened eyes to just how much you can work out your feet and feel the benefits! Check out some of the exercises in the FB video--Link below!

FB LINK: Build Strength, Balance, and Flexibility

Vinny Mwano and I were featured on streetpianos.com as we danced at Harvard University!

Art Relief Fundraiser-Mindful Movement Segments-Dec 2016
Art Relief is an organization in the greater Boston area that uses the arts to bring therapeutic services to people. I got to participate in their fundraiser day by offering breathing and alignment services to people. I enjoyed having these dancing ladies get more in-tune with their bodies!

The Milky Mystery: Unlocking the Unlocking the Milk Dynamic in Health- Nov 2016
What a great time learning about the history of diary, non-organic verses organic milk, almond milk, soy, cashew milk, and more! Lovely people on a lovely day, hosted at Follow the Honey in Harvard Square! Check out the LIVE recording on FB: LINK

Tea, Thoughts & Tones Workshop - September 2016
A time of mindful movement, breathing exercises, Tea talk and education (Oolong Specifically), Green Tea cookies, sharing what gives us peace, the feeling of hearth&home and fellowship.
Express Yourself Workshop - August 2016
"I liked the exercise where we expressed our current feelings and goals through movement. I think it's a good way to just summarize all of the thoughts going through our head in a concise way." *Liam O-Conner*
Promo video for the Express Yourself event:
Connection & Communication Through Touch, Music & Movement - Madison, Wisconsin, April 2016
"And I was afraid, as a person who has suffered from depression that in my art I perhaps couldn't be as honest and speak of my life and the lives around me from an extremely subjective, personal point of view. But Beth helped shift that paradigm." *Matthew Charles, Student*