The Fire/sunset/life-giving tree logo

A stream-of-conciousness description of my Abundant Being logo.
I've always loved trees. The growth, depth, yield, mystery, age, change, strength, delicacy, movement, stability, complexity, beauty, color.
Trees are very symbolic for me and I think the world at large.
We all want deeper roots, richer lives, connected mind, body and spirits. Greater fruit from the branches, less cracked pieces.
The leaves from trees have, in themselves, also fascinated me. Each small bit of leaf, connected to its branch through a force of nature I can't understand.
Leaves are fierce. And beautiful, and alive.
I feel as if trees are always vulnerable, always willing to share themselves, and ready to receive from whatever creatures come to call...even inhabit its space.
Trees are giving. Trees are shelter. Trees are home.
Trees tell stories. They belong to a group, a family, a community, but each tree is its own unique story. A blend of seasons and interactions with natures friends and foes.
As trees reach for the sun, they cast light on us humans in such an enchanting way, we're always drawn to the light in-between the leaves.
The fall season is my favorite. It warms my heart to be amongst the colors, tastes, and softness of fall. I've always been a fan of the color scheme of fall and have recently thought that it's perhaps because I'm fascinated by fire....the yellow, orange and red mixing and cracking and drawing my eyes in, ever-changing, ever-vibrant. Fire is also a symbol of life and abundance for me, but in a passionate, uncontrolled way that meets my tree symbol and creates a beautiful combination of feelings in me.
Of life and force and continued movement.
As the tree brings me the peace of stillness, fire brings me the joy of movement.
Fire, sun, life, warmth, peace, beauty. I took all these symbols and feelings and a picture popped itself into my mind--a fall tree, but more than that, a vibrant, glowing, sun-fire-alivened tree.
I am happy with my choice and I hope this symbol of so much reminds all the people I have the privilege of interacting with just how precious and abundant their life can be.