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As I travel, I am inspired by holistic health tips, stories, and perspectives from people of all different backgrounds. As I embrace bio-individuality every day, I document certain encounters to share with others.
Table talk
Cody Kemperna
"What I do is simple. Set up a table open to discussion. Not trying to sell anything and I'm not trying to promote or talk about anything in particular."
A narrative on an old friend's facebook status caught my eye while scrolling down the newsfeed. Cody Kemperna, the fun-loving, sweet guy from my community college, who rode a skateboard (which was impressive to me), was now married, and posting about a project he calls "Table Talk" where he sets up a table and chairs in a public space, with a sign that says "Let's Talk" and proceeds to see who will join him for a conversation on "whatever is on their mind," as Cody says, he's there to initiate face-to-face conversations, with no hidden agenda. Vinny (my husband) and I do similar projects, and I was impressed and encouraged by Cody's efforts to have meaningful connection with others, something that's imperative in having abundance in your life.

B: Cody! I love this--tell me about it!
C:.... I do care about people and I enjoy gaining perspective on everyone's lives. Even if their ideas are completely crazy at first. I want to understand because no matter how crazy their perspective is, it's still real....

B: Where did the inspiration for "Table Talk" come from?
What inspired me to do this is when I noticed that I know more about the lives and insights of people I've never met online rather than people I see in person every week it's as if people would rather reveal more themselves online than in person. Doing the table is my way of combating that and getting people to open up more outside social media

B: What have you gained from this experience?
C: Everyday I always try to gain a little more insight in peoples lives and strengthen our ability to interrelate. The aim is to understand. The conversations get more interesting the more people are willing to share, this goes for myself too. The table talk is great for doing this in public and meeting people you would never be friends with otherwise.

B: Has anyone you've talked to said what he or she has gained from the experience?
C: The first person I had sit in one of the chairs was in high school and he stayed the whole day. He had never known that you could reach out to people like this before and he also talked with each person the we had that day. It inspired him to do his own table at a music festival. I couldn't encourage him enough. Seeing this idea spread would be fantastic. He pretty much got the full experience and it was a beautiful and powerful thing.

B: How do you think gaining different perspectives of the world helps someone be more holistically healthy?
C: Gaining different perspectives helps widen our realities. It helps us understand, interrelate. and encourages empathy. It's like what Mark Twain said about travel; It's fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness. Wholeness cannot be acquired by sticking stubbornly to your own thoughts and one corner of the world all your lifetime. When you learn how to ask the right questions in a conversation you eventually learn to find the common ground in anyone. Underneath everyone's differences is something that's universal. It all can be brought to the surface solely by the kind of language you use. The practice it takes is worth it. You won't know the amazing relationships and experiences you could have had if you don't reach out and open up.

~Cody also does photography, check out two of his photographs below, of my actual favorite sanctuary place, Yosemite National Park~
Lauren Lisembee ~ Friend, Mother, Dance/Movement Therapist and Clinical Counselor, Wife, Creative Dancer, Justice Advocate, Healthy Pregnancy Educator, Founder/Director (with her hubby!) of "Written on Her Heart"
Current Residence in: Manchester, New Hampshire
Focus: Education and Passion to Learn to Heal
Lauren is a beloved friend who has many skills in helping people heal emotionally, physically and mentally. She is also the mother of two who has suffered and triumphed while pregnant. She has helped educate me on some health info for pregnant women and I decided she'd be quite good to feature here! She's as real as it gets!
B: Can you tell me about your education and what you're empowered to do in the health field?

L: At the University of Houston in Texas, I studied speech and language therapy with a minor in dance, public health and nonprofit leadership. I worked with children with autism and their families throughout this time and also worked as a community health worker under the guidance of my beloved mentor, Venus Gines Dia De la Mujer Latina (DML). As a community health worker, I learned how-to bridge the doctor and patient relationship gap and empowered patients to advocate for themselves while navigating the medical system, and I was specifically working alongside women who were immigrants or refugees learning English as a 2nd language.

(Lauren then attended graduate school in New England for a dual masters degree in dance/movement therapy and clinical counseling.)
L: We snuck into a modern art museum in Houston, TX to film my dance audition for grad school to the song "Home" by Mumford and Sons and got kicked out for trespassing....oops!
I am equipped to work professionally in improving the mental health of our communities through movement and other creative/expressive art therapies like music, visual art, drama, etc.....My role is to empower my clients to discover a oath to healing for themselves, including integrating spirituality as a foundation to their restoration [soul healing]

B: Why did you start learning more about women's health during pregnancy?

L: I began to learn even more about women's health during pregnancy because I wanted to be fully informed about what was going on inside of my own body to be empowered to take the best possible care of myself and my babies. Listening to my body while I was pregnant was extremely crucial to staying as healthy as I could during my pregnancies because taking care of myself translated to taking care of my babies.

B: What is the most fascinating fact you've found out about pregnancy?

L: The most fascinating fact about pregnancy is simply that your body's ability to create, build, sustain and deliver a new human! There are also many strange facts (and myths) about pregnancy too that include symptoms like morning sickness, which actually occurs at all times of the day and acid reflux/indigestion.

B: How has your personal health choices while pregnant been affected by your education of natural health and wholeness?

L: I stayed aware of my body and listened to what my body needed, i.e.resting when my body needed to rest and following my cravings in the healthiest ways possible. I struggled with eating and caloric intake during both of my pregnancies so it was important (and crucial) for me to find balance and eat whatever I could keep down. I made a guideline for my meals that I would have at least one fresh component and I also drank tons of tea, smoothies, and ate a lot of organic popsicles! I was also able to use essential oils during pregnancy to help manage my symptoms!

B: How have you been able to help other mothers in their health journeys?

L: I have been able to help other moms along their pregnancy journeys by being empathetic and gracious with them. One thing that I enjoy doing for moms to be is making a mommy survival kit for pregnancy and postpartum healing after delivery. I like getting practical items that are not generally talked about but are essential for surviving pregnancy, labor, delivery, breastfeeding and the 4th trimester. For instance, in the pregnancy survival kit, I have put gummy candy (for nausea), organic ginger lemon tea, peppermint tea, pregnancy safe essential oils, a Bubba cup to stay hydrated throughout pregnancy and after, shea butter mommy scrub (i use the shea moisture brand), and a shea butter stick (the body shop). Lastly, for other women who are pregnant, I encourage them to seek extra support for their emotional well being through and from partners, friends, family, faith communities and support groups because pregnancy is a marathon. Sometimes getting a counselor is helpful too to get extra support during this huge life transition.
Soap it Up!
Salubrious Goods
with Oksana Lamborn
Why did Oksana, a transplant to America from the Ukraine, decide to make her own soaps? Salubrious: (adjective) health-giving; healthy
Beautiful Packaging Included!
My sweet friend Oksana started making her own soaps, and when someone does this, I pay attention! There are so many harmful chemicals in body care products, and our skin quickly absorbs what we place on it (skin absorbs quicker than swallowing!) Oksana made this choice to take care of herself and then found others were inspired to do the same; I love stories like this because one person's determination to be healthy can help improve multiple lives.
O: I decided to make my own soap in a moment. For a long time I had to use moisturizing creams every day and sleeping while itchy was very annoying. Then I thought that a problem might be in what soap I use (I shower twice a day). I researched on what goes into soaps and found out all the cheap chemicals that irritate skin that are very common. I looked for the alternatives and came to a quick decision that I should be making it myself. After thorough research, blogs and multiple web sites, I found the alternative ingredients and ways to make and use such an essential product. Started to make it for myself and in a little while people heard of it and became interested as well.
B: Why is it important to you to offer a high quality product?
O: I think that if to do something than do it good, otherwise don't even pick that up.
B: How has making and using the soap improved your life?
O: The process of making it is satisfying because I imagine all the goodness it will have. My skin definitely has improved. And hearing same from those who buy from me is empowering. I like to give my products as a gift because I want the same satisfaction for those that I care about.

Check out Oksana's esty shop! https://www.etsy.com/shop/SalubriousGoods
Jeremy B. ~ Student in Grad School at Cal Poly University, Intramural Sports Supervisor at Cal Poly, Soccer Player
Focus: Electrolytes and Energy During Sports/Exercise
Jeremy, "I don't normally drink sports drinks. I mainly just drink lots of water, sometimes coconut water, and smoothies....For soccer, I eat something light like a healthy sandwich, lots of bananas, smoothies, and protein bars." Beth "Do you know about electrolytes?" Jeremy, "Yes, electrolytes include vital elements your body needs like sodium and potassium."
What's your health tip for athletes?
J, "Don't forget to cool down and stretch after games as well as before them. Athletes often forget or are too impatient to commit to a proper cool down after games or a work out, but a few extra minutes can save you a lot of soreness later and keep you on top of your game."
(Find out more about electrolytes here)
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