"Thank you so much, Beth! I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for sharing your guidance and wisdom, and helping me become more aware of myself. I appreciate how much of your time, patience, and energy you've given me the last three months, and how supportive and encouraging you've been." *Courtney : Health Coach Client*
"It was always a class that was very positive, for mind, body, and spirit. Beth did an awesome job in teaching and explaining new things. The classes were always very well prepared. Beth kept the right attitude in the midst of challenges and was interested in our best." ~ Katharina Neuschwander, Germany
*Dance Student at YWAM: Boston*
~Matthew Charles: Participant in multiple workshops & teachings~
When Beth would dance for us, she put her soul in it. Her graceful movements conveyed a range of emotions that weren't always happy per se. Some were desperate, frantic, despaired. From this I saw that to walk in our truth of redemption does not mean to put on a front. No, in fact it means we can be brutally honest. To be an Artist (poet) who is also a Christian I thought I would have to say Jesus every other word. And I was afraid, as a person who has suffered from depression that in my art I perhaps couldn't be as honest and speak of my life and the lives around me from an extremely subjective, personal point of view. But Beth helped shift that paradigm. The thing about Beth's dancing was that even when it took a dark turn, it always ended with light, love, and hope. This is the way of the Christlike artisan that Beth has showed me.
There is nothing wrong with experiencing darkness in our lives. As long as we are keenly aware that there is a Light at the end of the tunnel and do our best to express this crucial truthful hope.
For teaching me this, Beth, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate you so much.
Favorite activity: partner dancing by touching different body parts. After this activity I feel energetic and hopeful that my body is capable of so much more! *Participant in "Express Yourself" Workshop*
Two things I liked were: Moving in public to overcome the fear of other people's opinions. Expressing myself through movement. *Chantine: Participant in "Express Yourself" Workshop*
Thank you for such an awesome workshop! I really learned a lot and am already trying out some of the tactics we worked on. *Carolyn: Private Workshop*
I liked moving with people's moves in order to sort of relate/have compassion on them. Why? Because I want to be able to honor people by understanding them. *Bella: Participant in "Express Yourself" Workshop*
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