Creative Abundant Healing
These workshops are for the person looking for more than a bandage, the person who wants to see root issues of mind, body, and spirit addressed in a safe (non-judging) and supportive environment
Creative Arts Workshops
. Discover and Express your creative arts gifts

. Explore how the arts serve you and others

. Learn about how to have a "conversation" with others through the arts

. Apply movement, art, acting, music, and other talents to expressing what your spirit is telling you and wants to tell the world

. Grow in your artistic ability and try new forms of art expression!

. Tell your story!
Healing Movement Workshops
. Discover hindrances that keep you from being your true, whole self

. Take steps to reverse the negative affects of bad habits of mind, body and soul

. Practice being in your mind, body and spirit with a compassionate and understanding view

. Discover the wonder and beauty your body is and bring awareness to your body

. Participate in encouraging yourself and others through new discernment into what is going on in your mind, body and spirit
Dance Workshops & Private Lessons
.I teach a variety of dance styles, concentrating on each individual's personal movement pattern and body ability.

.I really tailor my teaching method to my student's needs and wants

.I implement somatic movement, ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, and world dance techniques and music styles

.Can be more exercise oriented or more dance technique oriented

.My husband and I make a dance teaching team, find out more of what we do here:
Highlight Video from "Healing Herbs: Let's Talk Turmeric and Sip Tea"
I give workshops on herbs, as I love spending time to get to know how herbs heal and support our living system. Tea, Herbs, Holistic Healing, Traditional Healing and more comes up in these talks. I love learning and growing with others as we seek to be whole, respect the earth, and heal well.
Videos & Pictures
Ballroom Dance Instructor
Worked at Arthur Murray in Burlington, Massachusetts, I taught and studied various forms of ballroom dance. Experienced more of the way people learn to move in selective patterns and postures. Gained experience breaking the language of movement down to communicate to individuals and couples in a way that was true and insightful for them.
Student of Somatic Movement
Soma is a living process by which our bodily sensations, movements, perceptions, emotions and thoughts form a whole of experience. Somatic study is an inquiry into our "lived body" by observing and exploring ourselves through sensing and moving. I have been instructed in somatic-led dance since high school, and continued on through my college career. (Nia Technique, Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Contemporary, West Coast Swing, Ballroom, Zumba)
Creative Arts Teacher "Youth with a Mission" Madison, WI and Boston, MA
Applied movement/music/touch therapy techniques to students, teaching on freedom, expression, whole health, and knowing self and your personal story. Taught choreography as a healing form.
Director/Teacher "Agape Mime Team" (Ages 5 and Up)
Taught and led (member for 3 years, director for 5 years), with a leadership team, all events/performances/workshops for this amazing non-profit drama team, implementing dramatic movement, acting, dance, facial technique and mime technique. Worked with many non-profits, community organizations and leaders, churches, rescue missions, and schools.
Performing Artist / Member of Lesley University's Dance Team
Every song I sing, dance I dance, writing I write, and combination of art I present to the public, I have purpose in. Bringing mind-heart-and-soul-provoking performances from the streets of Norway to the subways of Hungry, to the malls of America.
Integrative Medicine Teacher's Assistant and Guest Speaker
While getting my degree I was able to dive in deeper into integrative medicine, as I was responsible for a knowledgeable and guiding role as the teacher's assistant. From this I became a guest speaker in the class in the topic of faith and healing. Integrative Medicine has a role in the arts! Or rather, the two are joined, as many cultures around the world use the arts in their healing practices.
~ Practice being in your mind, body and spirit with a compassionate and understanding view ~
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