Yoga: An Ancient Wisdom Tradition, A Way of Deeper Knowing, A Embodied Practice
I offer one-on-one personalized yoga sessions in Beginning, Intermediate, Gentle, and Yin Yoga
* Certified 200 HR Yoga Teacher through Kripalu School of Yoga
* Bachelors of Science in Holistic Health and Creative Arts Therapy
* Trauma-Informed Care

I've been practicing yoga for several years, through various studios with different approaches, on my own, in conjunction with my dance movement therapy practices, and one-on-one with a yoga teacher who matched my desire for focused, caring training. Having a diverse background in various movement and exercise forms, I am a constant student of movement and it's connection to our psycho-emotional health. My training in Yoga is based on yoga as a wisdom tradition and I teach with a meditative perspective that allows for a focus on your true Self's connection through the physical practice of Asana. To learn more about where I received my official teacher training, go here.

Yoga is a deeply personal practice and that is why working one-on-one or with smaller groups provides more space for me as a teacher to serve the spiritual and physical journey of each client. My approach to yoga depends on the client's desires and needs. Focus can be more on the physical strengthening, stabilizing and relief of sore muscles, or the emotional benefits like de-stressing, finding clarity and peace. I really love offering a mix of both! Yoga is a diverse practice that can serve anyone wherever they are on life's journey.

Yoga is as much about being off the mat as on it and I'm committed in honoring the ancient wisdom of the yoga paths as I move towards more Love in my yoga.
An Online Offering of a Beginning/Intermediate Practice
Can be done while pregnant--I did it while in my third trimester! Be gentle with yourself and follow your body's leads, and don't do anything that doesn't feel right!
Recordings from Classes: Meditation, Mudras & Yoga": Part class, part experience, dive into the world of guided meditation along with hand mudras, gestures that promote healing, psychological balance and spiritual awakening. The Sanskrit word "Mudra" can be translated as "gesture," "seal," attitude" or "signature" and the use of mudras have been used in almost all wisdom traditions throughout the world and notably in yoga. Yoga Asanas broken down, one posture each class, and approached with mindfulness.
Meditation, Mudras & Yoga (Purification Mudra, Running Horse Asana)
Meditation, Mudras & Yoga (Spiritual Discipline Mudra, Warrior Asana)